badass tattoo cream is badass healing

infused cream
4.0 oz
1800 mg


badass tattoo cream began researching ideas to infuse full-spectrum CBD oils within its products. infused badass tattoo cream was introduced to the world via-social media. the response was great. infused badass tattoo cream was highlighted in PAIN MAGAZINE as the ultra-healer. reducing the pain of recovery, expediting the process to heal, soothing the itch to regenerate, infused badass tattoo cream is relief as you recover, and remains just as original—but with sparkle of spectrum. enjoy!

apply to areas as needed: pain relief, muscle aches, itchy skin, dryness


infused badass tattoo cream 4.0 oz. container holds 1800 mg full-spectrum CBD


infused badass tattoo cream's 4.0 oz. container holds more and allows for a much larger surface coverage: the legs, the feet, the hands—remember: ALL skin sensitivity issues will love you for using badass tattoo cream. the more the merrier, we say, here at badass tattoo cream!

CBD labels are placed upon each container for regulation purposes

Please allow 3-5 days for processing as lotions are made in small batches for ensure quality.