badass tattoo cream is badass healing

badass beginnings

like all business ventures, badass tattoo cream formed from a thought. my partner won a gift certificate to  tattoo demon, in colorado springs. he came home with one of the most beautiful pieces i had ever seen. the line, the coloring, the everything about his new piece was amazing. i set myself an appointment with the same tattooist, days later. a fear came rushing back as my body reacted to the healing procedure, like it had years before with deep cracks and long healing periods. because of dry desert conditions, i put off tattooing due to the development of eczema within me. a part of me felt my days of incorporating art onto my body was over. i spoke with the tattooist at tattoo demon about my situation. he suggested looking into alternative healing methods. as i researched, i found most products contained ingredients i could not use: my body is allergic to mango, my skin is ultra-sensitive to heavy salves and jellies, my tattoos even rejected tegaderm.

for years, i have taken colloidal silver [orally]. the tattooist and i spoke about its natural healing properties. i contacted a friend who owns a small apothecary store, in manitou springs. she helped me conjure a cream made of natural products. the cream itself is soft and thin; therefore, allowing the skin to breathe as it heals, but, also include an earthly element of natural recovery. badass tattoo cream came into fruition. the cream's creation involved various elemental additives, such as: aloe, vitamin A & D, a few friendly extracts, and a handful of natural ingredients. needless to say, my ailments subsided after each application without reaction.

recently, badass tattoo cream infused full-spectrum CBD to its original formula, and from what i have learned, my clients began using infused badass tattoo cream on more than just tattoos. clients began replacing their daily facial regimen with our original cream but replaced lotions with infused badass tattoo cream as a full-body application. what i have learned was infused badass tattoo cream is more than just a skin aftercare product, it is an all-natural body cream that soothes the pain of psoriasis, the itch of eczema, the aches within muscle soreness, the cracks, the dryness, the sadness, the embarrassments of visible skin irritationskin irritations i experience daily. both the original badass tattoo cream and infused badass tattoo cream have become an all-in-one treatment for everyone—including children who suffer severe reactions to seasonal climate change. badass tattoo cream holds no lanolin or THC within its product.

badass tattoo cream is a small-business created to be safe, to be animal-friendly, and to be affordable for everyone to enjoy its healing nature. my family are my animals, my animals are my kids, my kids are my inspiration to succeed and create and give back to the world. sebastian, our young american pitbull, sits upon each label. he is a symbol of loyalty and is a reason to love and is a representation for compassion. sebastian is our rescue who rescued our hearts and is badass tattoo cream’s logo because he helps ease and soothes and alleviates the ache within our hearts. 

our cream is made with all-natural ingredients. it is non-toxic. it is vegan. it is gluten free, fragrance free, cruelty free, and more importantly, environmentally friendly. badass tattoo cream suggests its clients to be, as well. please recycle the BPA-free container when all is used. badass tattoo cream believes in a cleaner tomorrow. 

thank you and enjoy our creation, and welcome to our badass family.

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