badass tattoo cream is badass healing

original cream
4.0 oz


the original badass tattoo cream is crafted to heal with each application. made with all-natural ingredients, badass tattoo cream will moisturize, rejuvenate, and speed up recovery time. badass tattoo cream is like no other salve, lotion, or product within the industry. badass tattoo cream is elemental and organic and restores the skin as it heals.


also, badass tattoo cream is not only known to heal tattoos, but soothe eczema, cool sunburns, and calm other skin sensitives. give badass tattoo cream a try!

apply to areas as needed


badass tattoo cream's 4.0 oz. container holds more and allows for a much larger surface coverage: the legs, the feet, the hands—remember: ALL skin sensitivity issues will love you for using badass tattoo cream. the more the merrier, we say, here at badass tattoo cream!

Please allow 3-5 days for processing as lotions are made in small batches for ensure quality.